“one hundred years a mystery . . .

forty years of exploration . . .

a decade of discovery. . ."

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Was Britannic, the tragic sister ship of Titanic, always doomed?

There was never a question the explosion that ripped into her during World War I caused her sinking. The hurried wartime investigation accepted hasty assumptions, and with the ship resting at 400 feet beneath Greek waters, the real question as to why the ship sank in less than one hour was never answered . . .

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Richie Kohler

is one of only four men in the world who has been to RMS Titanic and physically diving inside her equally tragic sister ship, HMHS Britannic. His passion for technical scuba diving and maritime history began in 1980, and he is internationally known for exploring some of the most challenging and dangerous shipwrecks in the world. His explorations have helped to locate and name numerous lost vessels, including the minelaying submarine U-215 on the Georges Banks off Nova Scotia and the WWII destroyer USS Murphy which was crushed and forgotten in the New York approaches.
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Charlie Hudson

a retired Army officer and veteran of Desert Storm, is an avid recreational scuba diver who has authored several scuba-themed novels and women’s fiction as well as non-fiction books. She contributes to two on-line scuba forums and spent two years writing for a local community newspaper. Her twenty-two-year Army career included a number of assignments where she was the “first female” such as the first female officer assigned to the 19th Maintenance Battalion in Giessen, Germany. As a senior officer, her assignments involved extensive technical writing, and she was published in different military journals. She later left a corporate career as a defense services contractor and technical writer when she and her husband, also a career Army officer, relocated to South Florida. He is now a scuba instructor and Charlie focuses on her writing. All of her books can be seen at CharlieHusdon.net.

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