About Richie Kohler

Richie Kohler is one of only four men in the world who has been to RMS Titanic and has dived inside her equally tragic sister ship, HMHS Britannic. His passion for technical scuba diving and maritime history began in 1980 and he is internationally known for exploring some of the most challenging and dangerous shipwrecks in the world. His explorations have helped to locate and name numerous lost vessels, including the mine laying submarine U-215 on the Georges Banks off Nova Scotia, and the WWII destroyer USS Murphy that was crushed and forgotten in the New York approaches.

It was a six-year effort to identify an unknown WWII German U-Boat as the U-869 that catapulted his diving career into the world of television and documentary filmmaking. The daring risks he and John Chatterton took and their dogged determination to seek out the truth of the U-boat, are detailed in NY Times best seller, Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson.  Additionally, the PBS program NOVA won an Emmy for their documentary, “Hitler’s Lost Sub”, on this same topic.  Kohler co-hosted 56 episodes of History Channel’s, “Deep Sea Detectives”, and he has worked on numerous film projects for Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, CBS, PBS, and the Discovery Channel. It was this work that led Kohler to history-making expeditions to the legendary Titanic and Britannic. He has joined an elite, small group of divers and maritime historians who are committed to revealing the truth of why Britannic sank three times as rapidly as did Titanic.

Kohler also trains technical divers, has written the foreword for, The Basics of Rebreather Diving by Jill Heinerth, penned articles for technical periodicals, and been the subject of dozens of radio and television interviews. Universal Studios is planning a 2016 release of the movie, “Shadow Divers” and Kohler has been a consultant during the writing and production of the film.